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January 16, 2017 (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)
Hostess: Cari Allen
Place: First Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall, 1410 NE Veterans Blvd, Miami, Oklahoma: As leaving Miami to the north on Main, turn right at Braum’s onto Veterans BLVD (heading East) the Church is on the right (South).
Time: 6:00 PM, refreshments; 6:30 PM, program and meeting

Join us as we find out how our Adopt a Brick Wall projects concluded from November!

A tip from another genealogical group sounds like something we could take advantage of…
I am sure each of you has found a brick wall at some point in your research from which you have either faced severe frustration or have totally put aside without completion. So a little help from your friends may be just the solution you need to get back on track.
The suggestion is that everyone should bring one of his/her brick walls to the next meeting (January 2017), along with copies of last known facts, family group sheet for problem area and one for descendant. At that meeting each one draws a name of a member and is given the brick wall info needed. Each of us then will research the problem from our own resources and tricks and bring the info back with us to the next meeting when this discovered info can be shared. Each one will make a brief report of what we found and hand it to the person to whom it belongs.
The other group called this ADOPTION and since we all research differently, there is no telling what could be located. Adoption not only assisted with member research and technique, it will bring us closer to the heart of our focus here…

Sherry Rollins, 2016 Vice President